Modern, Cloud-Native Networking

The evolution of enterprise IT coupled with the adoption of multi-cloud environments has created a new chasm between when AppDevs/DevOps deploys and when an application is functioning across multiple clouds. 

When applications are deployed into production, they are blocked waiting
for NetOps to enable connectivity and SecOps to review security policies
for compliance. To address this gap, we need a new breed of networking solution that makes NetOps and SecOps happy and does not upend the entire agile, cloud-native CI/CD pipeline that AppDevs and DevOps have worked so hard to achieve.

Download this independent Research Brief by AvidThink, formerly SDxCentral Research, for a deep dive into what CIOs need to consider to achieve transparent and scalable cloud-native networking including:

  • Evolution of applications and data flows
  • Rise of the service mesh, and its pitfalls
  • Requirements of a new networking solution
  • AvidThink's independent review of Bayware Service Interconnection Fabric

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