About Bayware

Bayware was founded in San Francisco in 2015 with development offices in San Francisco and Kiev, Ukraine. The leadership team and advisors have extensive experience in application development and deployment as well as in routing and software defined networking. The development team has deep expertise in distributed systems, security, networking, and container network interfaces. Bayware version 1.0 was released in 2019 and v1.2 is currently available.


profiles-_0002_Grigori Dzekon

Grigori Dzekon

CEO & Co-Founder

Grigori spent seven years as CEO at Ukrtelecom, a network operator with over ten million customers. In addition, Grigori founded many successful companies and is co-author on several networking patents. At Bayware, Grigori focuses on developing Bayware’s business model and ensuring Bayware products solve real-world enterprise and service provider networking challenges.

profiles-_0007_Charles Stucki

Charles Stucki


Charles held serial VP/GM positions at Cisco where he launched multiple technology products into growth markets. At Bayware, he focuses on building a strong team and differentiated products while communicating company vision and strategy to all stakeholders.

profiles-_0003_Igor Tarasenko

Igor Tarasenko

CTO & Co-Founder

Igor launched his 20-year telecom career at Ukrtelecom where he eventually held CTO and CIO positions and became a member of the board of directors. Now he is focused on defining Bayware’s technical direction and engineering development.

profiles-_0001_Gregory Walter

Gregory Walter

Principal Engineering Architect

Greg held leadership positions within Brocade’s engineering organizations. At Bayware, he focuses on designing solid and extensible product architecture while managing engineering development.

profiles-_0006_Dave Oran 2

David Oran

Technical Advisor

Dave is a former Cisco Fellow where he spent 20 years providing strategic technology guidance, consulting on overall architectures, designing new product families and authoring a number of ISO and IETF standards. Now he is an independent researcher and consultant in congestion control, quality of service, media routing and security.


Mayumi Hiramatsu

Technical Advisor

Mayumi is a senior VP of Cloud technology and operations at Infor where she is leading the business transition from perpetual revenue based on-prem software to subscription revenue-based SaaS. Prior to Infor, Mayumi was Vice President of Product Operations at Cisco Systems. In addition to many other recognitions, she has been recognized Most Powerful Women Next Gen by Fortune (2018, 2017, 2016).

profiles-_0004_Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Business Advisor

Mike is an accomplished sales executive and entrepreneur in both Enterprise and Service provider network automation. Prior to his current role at DigitalRoute, he led the rapid growth of Tail-f/Cisco, and developed F5’s global strategic partnership programs. Leveraging over 20 years of success, Mike is an expert at designing and leading highly technical direct and partner sales for disruptive companies.
profiles-_0005_Travis Ewert

Travis Ewert

Business Advisor

Travis is a Network and IT Systems Development executive and advisor with over 20 years of leadership in architecture, engineering, operations, marketing and strategy. Well-known as a Network and Technology innovation leader at CenturyLink, Level3 and TW Telecom and more, Travis created intellectual property and innovative products for Enterprise, Service Providers, and Cloud companies.

Jason Haworth

Business Advisor

Jason is a highly-respected technical sales leader with 20+ years of global leadership experience helping Service Providers and Major Enterprises design and build large, secure, scalable network and service infrastructures. He has held senior level positions at F5 Networks, Nortel Networks, and Alteon Web Systems, where he drove product growth and adoption in new and emerging markets.


Samir Ghosh Adams

Business Advisor

Samir is a proven enterprise software marketer with corporate management and multiple successful startup experience. He has repeatedly delivered sales growth and led marketing teams through all stages of the marketing hourglass, driving initiatives in strategy, and fundraising GTM, product marketing, competitive analysis, positioning & messaging, thought leadership, demand generation, AR, PR, lead nurturing, and sales enablement.


Chuck DeVita

Business Advisor

Chuck has over 30 years’ experience in Sales Leadership and Marketing Strategy. He has a strong background in enterprise SaaS with extensive international and domestic experience and led the growth of two startups and the turnaround of a public company. Chuck is also a recognized speaker and visionary on sales leadership & marketing strategy for cloud computing companies.


Faisal Mushtaq

Customer Advisory Board

Faisal has extensive leadership experience in building global organizations, delivering innovative products, driving growth, improving efficiencies and gaining market share, He has played leadership roles at GlobalLogic, PLUMgrid (Acquired by VMware), Allot Communications, Ortiva Wireless (Acquired by Allot Communications) and Wichorus (Acquired by Tellabs). He holds 8 patents in the areas of networking, including control plane, data plane, load balancing and video delivery.


Gilbert Martin

Customer Advisory Board

Gilbert is Sr. Director of Cloud Operations at Apttus. In his current position, Gilbert is responsible for the company’s operational growth and sustainability. Prior to joining Apttus, Gilbert has had a long tenure in operations successfully delivering many large, secure, robust public and hybrid cloud architectures and deployments. Gilbert is results focused; driving technology roadmaps and aligning solutions to meet business objectives through enterprise architecture, adoption, implementation and partnership.

manoj thakkar

Manoj Thakkar

Customer Advisory Board

Manoj is a technology enthusiast and comes with extensive experience in the DevOps/Infrastructure domain. Recently he has been helping companies create cloud agnostic infrastructure at scale. In his own words, he likes to solve Infrastructure and development productivity challenges in a more generic, cloud agnostic, self-serviced manner. He has won multiple accolades in cloud-related hackathons.


Maulik Shah

Customer Advisory Board

Maulik is a seasoned cloud operations leader with 15+ years of experience in Cloud SaaS and Enterprise markets in Security, Collaboration, Supply Chain and Networking running Cloud Ops (DEVOPS) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams at startups (BlueJeans, Palerra, Elementum) as well as large companies (Oracle, Cisco). He is adept at managing global teams cross functional projects as well as external customer and vendor management.


Nimesh Misra

Customer Advisory Board

Nimesh is Director, Global DevOps at Varian Medical Systems and created and led the first DevOps team at Varian for continuous delivery of software products, platform, and cloud applications. He has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering new systems and products and is passionate about building teams to achieve transformation around the software cloud journey with seamless feature delivery and faster reliable production operations.