Jumpstart Services

Bayware Service to Migrate Your Application

Bayware can migrate your application to hybrid cloud, or extend your application from one public cloud to another.

Bayware teams with your team to create the high level design for your project so you can estimate costs, plan human resources, run comparative analysis, and more.

We simply and securely enable your private cloud application on Bayware Cloud Migration Platform software, and then migrate some or all workloads to any of the public clouds without interruption.

Bayware's simplicity and completeness enable your team's self-sufficiency from there. You can move, multiply, and even pull back your application workloads without having to change neither the application code nor the underlying network nor any networks and security elements between each cloud.


Your DevOps Team:

  • Form team around an the application to migrate
  • Grant access to target environments
  • Provide application services manifest
  • Approve high level design and project plan
  • Approve ramp down of replaced instances
  • Review results vs success criteria
  • Assume full control over the new infrastructure
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Bayware Jumpstart Team:

  • Propose a high level design
  • Create project plan
  • Install Bayware in target environments
  • Create the service graph and resource graph
  • Activate the platform 
  • Ramp down replaced instances
  • Hand over control gracefully to your teams



Features and Benefits of a Bayware Migration

Bayware’s cloud migration platform gives any application its own, secure, programmable overlay network, across any cloud environment; all in software. We do this not with a flat network but rather with a service-to-service intrerconnection fabric that gives the responsiveness and observability that DevOps wants and the security and efficiency of a precisely designed network that enables true NetOps and SecOps. Learn more: 



YAML files, playbooks, simple CLI commands

Automatic multi-layer security

Automatic telemetry

Workloads are permanently portable

No change required to application code

Workloads are proper cloud citizens


No custom programming or configuration

You maintain high security standards at all times

You can see exactly what we’re implementing

You can move and rollback at any time

You can move now and improve code over time

You can access all the tools in each target cloud

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Self Sufficiency after the Jumpstart Migration

Once you have the complete set of services end to end, your team does not have to architect and master any complex configurations to continually evolve their secure cross-cloud fabric.

Operations teams quickly becomes self sufficient to make agile changes in their CI processes and collaborate with Security and Networking peers to make changes directly to the code to achieve compliance faster.  This is agile.

Your DevOps Team

  • Use the Telemetry to identify improvements
  • Automate changes to your resource graph
  • Make changes to contracts and service graph
  • Subscribe to our CI update service
  • Take on other migrations for this application
  • Use Bayware for other applications

Bayware Jumpstart Team

  • Train you on using the Platform
  • Train you on Fabric Manager playbooks etc
  • Provide ongoing technical support
  • Provide ongoing software updates
  • Keep you informed of new capabilities
  • Be available for supporting other projects

Keep Modernizing and Migrating with Bayware


Additional Migrations 

From tiered services to many microservices

From VMs to Containers

Adoption of Kubernetes

Extend to Edge Data Centers

Adoption of Service Mesh

...Adoption of some new alternative to Bayware

Bayware Technology Assist

Already fully supported in your implementation




Bayware simply adds HAproxy to your solution

...NP, there’s no Bayware code in your code