A Simple Secure Platform to
Accelerate Your Cloud Migration


Bayware is infrastructure as code that securely and automatically connects your workloads wherever you deploy them.

Cloud Migration Platform one slide imageSecurely interconnects widely-distributed microservices. Works seamlessly across public and private clouds. Supports any mix of VMs and or containers.


Migrate to Cloud
Faster, Simpler, and More Securely

Bayware automates secure workload portability whether or not you've mastered Kubernetes and Services Meshes.


Make Your Team Self Sufficient

Bayware brings everything an opeations teams needs for automating cross-cloud, cross-cluster, cross-VPC application service connectivity into a single solution owned and operated by each DevOps team as part of their CI.

Bayware is infrastructure as code that becomes part of the code set for each application.


Programmable network

Get the Full Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Other solutions are part of the necessary infrastructure as code, but leave a lot out - IP address management, service discovery, security, routing and more.

With Bayware, you need no bolt on SDNs to succeed now and into the future with simple and secure software that makes your workloads permanently portable. We will help you get started fast and make you self-sufficient going forward.

network as code



For Hybrid Cloud or Any Cloud

Bayware is a modern cloud migration platform that enables you to give every application its own secure, isolated overlay network all in software. 

Bayware's service interconnection fabric including the service graph intent declaration, is truly Infrastructure as Code that is uniquely well suited for distributed cloud use cases.  



Bayware is Infrastructure as Code

Bayware requires only IP access to Linux hosts to automatically fulfill in software everything DevOps needs for their application's cloud-agnostic networking and multi-layer security. See our definition of infrastructure as code.

Bayware differentiated features:

  • Service authorization & name resolution - without separate service discovery system
  • Address translation - without globally-unique IP address management
  • Endpoint protocol filtering - wihout IPtables management
  • Flow-level microsegmentation - without subnets, VLANS, VRFs
  • Perimeter security - without firewall ACLs
  • DoS attack immune - without specialized elements
  • Policy-based routing - without mastering routing protocols
  • Link encryption & VPN tunneling - without special gateways
  • Observability & telemetry - without complex correlations

Many Tools Required Today

A whole raft of tools including many virtual network functions (VNFs) have appeared to connect application services across clouds.

  • Container Network Inferfaces (CNI)
  • IPTables automation tools for endpoint filtering, including with eBPF
  • Microsegmentation, DoS, and application aware firewall solutions
  • VPN gateways and ingress/egress servers
  • Virtual routers and transit gateways
  • Programmable Network Operating Systems and network switches
  • Complex labeling solutions within Software Defined Networking management systems

Replaced with One, Simple, Powerful Platform

With Bayware, your team can migrate application services without using this raft of network-as-infrastructure tools. The operations team does not have to acquire, master, and configure any specialized SDN, VNFs, or cloud-VPC settings. Jump into the details in our Documentation.


Reconsider Your Service Mesh with Bayware

Bayware with any client-side load balancer delivers a service mesh that's much easier to implement and use. For more see our blog.

Service o service communications in a hybrid or multi-cloud/cluster/VPC use case

Client-side load balancer

Service registry and discovery

Edge proxies

Container Network Interface

Firewall, ACL, IPAM, vRouter, VPNGW (SDN)

Cloud VPCs: Subnets, Security Groups

Agile Operations

Standard Service Mesh



DevOps + SecOps

DevOps + NetOps

SecOps + NetOps

Cloud specialists +


Client-Side Proxy + Bayware Stack




Go deeper:

Replacing Many Solutions with One


Test drive Bayware to experience application migration made simple Free Test Drive


Create new services at a very high rate of speed—and change them—so your business can keep pace in a continuous development world.

Bayware-icon-04Connectivity and policy programmability via Network Microservices
Bayware-icon-05Zero-touch workload attachment, with automatic link encryption
Bayware-icon-06Crypto-based workload identity, decoupled from network locators
Bayware-icon-07Role-based network policy
Bayware-icon-08Zero-trust networking
Bayware-icon-09Network services entirely abstracted from the underlay providers
Bayware-icon-10Near real time policy update and enforcement