A secure, responsive, multi-cloud
network for every application


The feature-complete Bayware solution is now ready for enterprise usage. The following materials are available to guide you:

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  • Product data sheet
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  • Deployment guide
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  • Developers guide with SDK
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Bayware is a programmable network microservices architecture that enables you to give every application its own secure, isolated overlay network. Bayware is a suite of distributed software components: an orchestrator, agents, and processors.

Bayware patented Network Microservices are micro-coded contracts for communication patterns that you easily program by adding application-specific labels, and can be designed and approved by your networking and security professionals.

A Bayware deployment requires only IP access to Linux hosts to fulfill in software everything DevOps needs for an application's networking and security:

  • service authorization & name resolution without separate service discovery system
  • address translation without globally-unique IP address management
  • endpoint protocol filtering wihout IPtables management
  • flow-level microsegmentation without subnets, VLANS, VRFs
  • perimeter security without firewall ACLs
  • policy-based routing without mastering routing protocols
  • link encryption & VPN tunneling without special gateways
  • observability & telemetry without complex correlations


Networking needs to evolve in order for enterprises to run applications in multi-cloud environments. What’s needed is an application-defined architecture that delivers agility and programmability without sacrificing security in any manner.

Bayware is the breakthrough technology that makes application-defined networking possible.



Unified and instant connectivity across public and private clouds and different workload types – containers, VMs, Linux servers


A single, all-software, auto-discover/register, multi-cloud, DevOps and AI ready solution that is easily programmable down to the flow level using a library of common patterns



Application isolation, pervasive IP security, and policy programmability and verifiability down to the role and flow levels



Modern applications need dynamic communications for microservices across multiple clouds

Bayware radically simplifies service-to-service communications provisioning in three steps.

  1. Program application intent and network policy into network microservices - add application labels to contract templates
  2. Deploy network microservice (microcode) into IPv6 packet extension header
  3. Run network microservice (packet-embedded microcode) to enable service-to-service communications
Test drive Bayware to experience application-centric networking. Free Test Drive


Create new services at a very high rate of speed—and change them—so your business can keep pace in a continuous development world.

Bayware-icon-04Connectivity and policy programmability via Network Microservices
Bayware-icon-05Zero-touch workload attachment, with automatic link encryption
Bayware-icon-06Crypto-based workload identity, decoupled from network locators
Bayware-icon-07Role-based network policy
Bayware-icon-08Zero-trust networking
Bayware-icon-09Network services entirely abstracted from the underlay providers
Bayware-icon-10Near real time policy update and enforcement