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Very few people have actually deployed applications into a multi cloud environment. 

With today’s networking solutions, it's complicated.

What if an all-in-one, multi-cloud, application-centric networking solution - all in software - were simple to deploy and still hyper secure?

With a Bayware Test Drive, you can deploy real applications - each with their own overlay network - across all three major cloud providers.

In about an hour, you will advance your understanding of multi cloud networking for application deployment. We provide the applications, the cloud instances, and a friendly, simple, step-by-step guide that works for all skills levels. All you need is a Terminal window and a browser on your Mac, PC or Linux machine.

No charge to you. All we want is your feedback.

What's included:

  • A geo-redundant microservices test application
  • A multi-cloud virtual machine environment across AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • An instance of all of the elements of the Bayware platform plus telemetry
  • A complete tutorial, deployment guide and online documentation
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*Access to the Bayware Sandbox is granted at Bayware's discretion and is limited to 30 days. Credential cannot be transferred to other parties. There is no charge to the approved user during the 30-day period and Bayware bears the clouds costs. Users may create microservices and flow scenarios beyond those specified in the deployment guide within the capacity provided.
Use of the Sandbox requires agreeing to mutual non disclosure and protection of IP. Bayware may limit ingress/egress traffic from new flow scenarios that is beyond the planned capacity. Users may not use the Sandbox to deploy their own sample/test applications but can request to start a Proof of Concept. Users may not run commercial operations on the Sandbox.