Migrate to the Cloud
Faster, Simpler, and More Securely



Bayware Makes Workloads Portable

Bayware securely interconnects workloads, ie application services with an infrastructure-as-code architecture that is entirely infrastructure agnostic.

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Your policy model is a simple service graph of your application services.

Bayware works

  • Seamlessly across any cloud infrastructure - public and private
  • The same way in every cloud
  • Equally well with VMs and Containers



Cloud Migration Jumpstart Service

Bayware teams with DevOps to simply and securely enable your application on Bayware Cloud Migration Platform software, and then migrate workloads to any cloud without interruption.

This is the Jumpstart Service from Bayware. It enables your team's self-sufficiency from then on.

 Operations teams can move, multiply, and even pull back application services

  • Without changing the application code
  • Without configuration of underlying networks
  • Without mastering network and security configurations for each cloud



Bayware Use Cases



Legacy Approaches Are Not Agile Enough for Cloud Migration

Cloud migration means crossing trust boundaries. Legacy configuration-centric methods have extended to the cloud VPC, but are not agile. Since no two clouds implement infrastructure the same way, DevOps have a fleet of scripts that need constant updating. 



Hyrbid clouds

Migration to the Cloud Made Simpler

Bayware securely and automatically interconnects application services no matter how widely deployed they need to be to serve your users.

It works seamlessly across any Linux infrastructure - that is any combination of public and private clouds, and however far you are in implementing microservices. It works the equally well with any mix of virtual machine or container packaging. 

See it in action here.  Talk to us about our Jumpstart Services. Or try if for yourself from the Azure Marketplace



network as code

Eliminate Complex Configuration
Capture Intent as Code

Bayware is simpler because we eliminated virtually all network and security policy configuration and yet automatically provide powerful identity, service discovery, security, routing, and telemetry services.  This is based entirely on an application's topology, which we capture in a cloud agnostic service graph. 

From there, its all code that you deploy anywhere along with your application workloads. Bayware automatically, securely, and observably interconnects your workloads.

Unlike other solutions, Bayware is not centralized infrastructure. It is infrastructure as code that belongs to each application so you preserve and extend agility and continuous integration.



Service Graph Captures Communication Intent

You declare intent by creating a service graph for your application in minutes. Below is an example that you can see in our Product Demo Video for the Getaway Application.

Steps to build a service graph image


Cloud Migration Use Cases

You can use Bayware to make migration from private data centers to the cloud much easier.

See how in our Migration Use Cases.



Cloud Migration Must be Simpler to be Practical

Most companies who go to the cloud end up sticking with one cloud company because the learning curve is so steep on their networking and security frameworks. Cloud migration and hybrid cloud are too complex, by design, to be practical. Until now.

Bayware makes migration simple by making your application services portable.


Bayware multicloud service mesh. Bayware runs over the top of any cloud infrastructure. You application components are all software. Now, your application has its own network - all in software. Applications. Users. DevOps team. CI pipeline. Private clouds. Transport networks. Public clouds.

isolated overlay

Application Portability and Cloud Portability 

An application deployed on Bayware's platform is cloud portable. DevOps can copy-and-paste the deployment as code from any cloud to any other cloud in minutes.  And failover between clouds can be automatic, and nearly instantaneous.  

Bayware is based entirely on service names and service affinity rather than IP addresses which gives it some powerfully positive attributes that you associate with Layer 4-7 application mesh but applied to the Layer 3 secure interconnection domain:

  • Application specific - no coordination or dependencies on other departments
  • Cloud agnostic - it’s just code, so it should not matter where you deploy it
  • Responsive - it automatically adjusts when you add, move, or delete workloads
  • All in one place - communication and security policies are in one system
  • Observable - the same telemetry you use for your application works to track the fabric


Zero trust

Ideal for Application Migration to Cloud Computing

Bayware delivers to DevOps all the capabilities they need for migration to cloud computing.

  • Eliminates complex configuration
  • Works the same across every cloud
  • Work with your current service discovery or provides its own service registry if you need it
  • Works if you’re on Kubernetes or not
  • Works if you're ready for client-side load balancing or not
  • Automatically supports distributed services even if they are coming from a monolith for the first time
  • Is all code in your CI/CD pipeline - enabling agile collaboration across your Dev, Sec, and Net teams.
Jumpstart Migration Services


The First Application-Defined Interconnection Fabric

For VM and container-based applications, Bayware brings:

  • Cloud-agnostic (i.e. hybrid and multi-cloud)
  • No-config (i.e. automatic and derived directly from application orchestration)
  • Zero-trust (i.e. all flows are authenticated, authorized and encrypted)
  • Layer 3 networking
  • As code that is part of the application code set
  • ...so that cloud migration moves at Agile CI/CD speed



Bayware Makes Your Teams Self-Sufficient 

Because Bayware creates the complete set of services end to end, your team does not have to architect and master the complex implementation of a secure cross-cloud fabric for their application.

And because it is all in code, DevOps can demonstrate to Security and Networking peers exactly what the fabric consists of and together they canmake any requested changes directly to the code to achieve compliance faster.  This is agile. 



Your Application Has Its Own Network - All in Software

The need for this solution continues to grow as Enterprise applications get ever more distributed with global operations, AI, and IOT. See our blog post for more.

Over the Top Serv Int Fabric image


Hyrbid cloudsHYBRID CLOUDS

Migrate Applications to Any Cloud

Bayware provides a single cloud migration platform for all clouds.  And we provide a Jumpstart Service to get you migrated now and enable your DevOps team to be self-sufficient from there. 

With Bayware, application services become portable because control over the network and security policy belongs to the application services not to the underlying infrastructure. You take advantage of the scaling, resiliency, and efficiency of multiple public and private cloud-based infrastructure with a single implementation; one interface to many services.

We migrate your application to a cloud provider or split it among several for geo-redundancy and failover without any change to the underlying network - and more importantly - without any change to the application code. Watch us do this in minutes in this video.

Identify application components. Application Microservices Service Graph. Segment Application in Private Cloud. Flow level microsegmentation. Migrate Microservices to AWS. Encrypted site-to-cloud VPN. Migrate microservices to Azure and GCP. Encrypted multi-cloud peering. Enforce policy for particular flow. Implementing security and operations requirements.

Pervasive securityPERVASIVE SECURITY

Application Security is Robust and Totally Portable

Bayware provides secure hyper-segmentation by default.  

Your microsgementation and isolation policies are portable, they move with your application services as you migrate. 

By providing flow-level policy and link encryption, Bayware automatically creates application isolation, a zero-trust, role-based network, as well as flow-level micro-segmentation, encrypted private-to-public cloud VPN, and encrypted multi-cloud peering. Bayware even protects your application from DoS attacks.

network as codeFABRIC AS CODE

Application Migrations and Deployments are Agile

Bayware is all code.

There is no complex stack. Bayware is a simple overlay deployed as code. You don't have to change your underlying network.

Bayware is control plane only. No Bayware software is in the path of your communication between your application services. You don't have to change your application code.

Networking functionality and management systems that define and enforce identity, service discovery, security, routing and telemetry all exist as software – as code – that you can deploy and cloud-scale anywhere, right along with your application services.

Programmable networkPROGRAMMABLE FLOWS

Meet Your Migration, Business Goals and Compliance Standards Faster

Bayware programmability accelerates migration project velocity.  That means accelerating compliance approval, application deployment, security enhancements and business improvement in a hybrid, multi-VPC or even multcloud deployment.

From DevOps's service graph, authorized DevNetSecOps enhance - i.e. program - Bayware contracts to achieve company goals for security, resource isolation and efficient resource uses without altering the application code or intent.

Moments after a contract has been created or updated, it takes effect wherever that contract is in use by an application service. Bayware delivers instructions to our Linux native components with control packet network service headers.

This stateless and distributed execution is highly robust and adaptable to events and changing conditions, such as automatically failing over from one cloud to another.

Bayware eliminates the need to run complex routing protocols everywhere across multiple public and private networks, to install specialized middleboxes, and to reconfigure your network devices every time applications evolves or security policies change.

To go deeper, see our complete documentation. Or see it in action.

Test drive Bayware to experience application migration made simple Free Test Drive


Bayware accelerates migration of applications by eliminating network constraints imposed by managing network configurations, and securely serves each application’s data communications needs as they change and move across any cloud.

And we can get you to Hybrid cloud quickly with our Jumpstart Services, which also makes your team self-sufficient from there.